Friday, June 26, 2009

Zoe's sugery was scheduled for mon June 29th but on Weds june24 i rec'd a call saying that Zoe was now going to have her surgery on Fri the 26th and her pretesting would be on thursday . We arrived at the hospital and the Peds NP told us that they were going to reschedule for monday if the little boy that had just been born could not wait.Half way thru the call came in and it would be monday. We finished her appt.Zoe did great with the chest xrays and exam, not so happy with the blood draw. The procedure should last 4 hours.Zoe will have 3 different IV's as well as a breathing tube and a catheder.She will most likely spend 5-7 days in the hospital.Zoe will also participate in a study for blood cleaning for kids, she will either be given cleaned blood or the normal blood.She will then have samples of her blood drawn afterwards for the study. We left the appt and as I was getting my coffee fix in the lobby the peds NP came up and said that they would like to do her surgery on friday.

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