Tuesday, June 30, 2009

hospital stay days 1-5

Waking up-not in vegas
Posted Jun 26, 2009 4:35pm
Zoe has been very slowly waking up and coming out of her sleep. She would wake up look around try to fight the breathing tube and then fall back asleep They removed the breathing tube about 2 hrs ago. Zoe is running a slight fever(101 ish) so she has been given Tylenol. She also was given a block similar to an epidural that should help control pain for several more hours.Zoe looked much better than I thought she would . She had a breathing tube and still has 3 differentIV, a chest tube -this will stay in a couple of days,and a catheter.Zoe also participated n a new study testing a machine that can detect the amount of blood flow in a child. Currently the procedure used is very invasive involving a balloon and stopping the blood flow. The testing was all done using the iv already in place so there was no additional stress for Zoe.I did find out that she did receive the "clean" blood. All in all the day so far has gone better than I expected. thank you to all of those that have said a prayer or had a good thought.Saturday she will be more alert and will be able to see aunt shell and uncle Rick and grandma and enjoy the huge, snugly pink bear the purple horse

how many disney movies can we watch in 12 hours?
Posted Jun 27, 2009 10:37am
Zoe has been a champ.She has not been complaining or fighting any of the tubes or procedures that have occurred.It might have been nice to have been warned about the 4am chest xray(to check chest tube-normal) instead of being woken up by the lead apron being dropped on me... but thats ok it gave us a reason to watch Enchanted. I am so thrilled that she is doing so well... what a weight lifted. It has been a great strength to read the kind words from our extended friends and adoption family. I know that it has been everyones thoughts and prayers that help her and me come thru this surgery. I also feel anew the gratefulness and awe I feel towards Zoe's birth parents,that they were able to after spending a year with this beautiful child know that she would need to leave them in order to be healed. They were so unselfish in giving her up.I am truly thankful that I have never been in that position.
Zoe is currently playing with her sticker book. Little miss independent..She has stated that she is hungry hopefully it won't be too much longer before she can have some food. They will be removed one of her ivs today. oh she is saying she is hungry again and "mama get me some food" it might be a long day... We are looking forward to a visit from her bros and sisters as well as being able to see gramma and aunt shell and uncle Rick .
Thank you all so much for your continued support and love for my girl.Just as I have a special place in my heart for all of your children I know my Zoe has a place in yours.Thanks of course to our Gracious God for this beautiful girl and for allowing us to be her family.

Moving right along....
Posted Jun 28, 2009 3:16am
Zoe has continued to amaze me with her strength and ability to roll with the changes. I do not think many adults would be doing so well. Zoe has been getting up and using the bathroom, quite a mission with all the things still attached to her. She still has he central line in(neck),chest tube,iv,heart leads as well as all the 3 diff little lines going to the iv. Zoe said " i love you" I said " I love you too honey" she said " no, I want food"... i was close!! She was teary eyed, sad faced asking for food. This girl likes to eat maybe in the am. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.... peace and happiness Bonnie

food glorious food
Posted June 29,2009 2pm
Zoe has been moving around like a monkey... no concern at all that she has a chest tube in.They removed her central line (neck),just a little crying when Nurse Shannon was scrubbing the stitches.She still has alot of fluid draining from the chest tube to remove it. I believe it has to be out for 24 hrs before she can be discharge.So maybe tuesday or weds?? home??
Zoe played some games and did some neat crafts with the child life volunteer.She was able to start with some ginger ale and then some pudding. We had a visit from Big sisters Shari and Kelli and her bro Desmond,nephew Evan had to stay in the waiting room but mama enjoyed some time with her newest grandson. Shari did not even get us kicked out of the hospital but it was a close call!!!
Zoe's dinner came and her sibs left .I think they did out of fear.Zoe attacked her tofu raviolis, I was afraid she was going to eat the plate. After dinner we went for a couple of walks and watched The incredibles.
We had a bit of a rough night as Zoe woke at midnight on the wet side and was not a happy camper. She cried for an hour,longer than I have seen her cry .She finally went back to sleep after having a story read. I offered to sing to her but she mumbles something about nightmares and went to sleep.. She has woken up this morning needing a blood draw that of course could not be thru her IV. She was a trooper and has had her big bright smile on ever since. She is currently playing chutes and ladders while waiting for the play deck to open. Hurray we will be going out of the unit..
Yesterday the Dr did say that she still has a small murmur most likely a stitch or two on the patch did not hold but hopefully this will be covered as the tissue covers the patch. Thanks again for all the good wishes.
peace and happiness Bonnie

Day 5
Posted 9 am June 30
Zoe has been doing well. We had a very quiet night.She has been very clingy It will be nice to get back home so I can be ignored and shut in my room!! We won't be going home today ,hopefully the chest tube will come out soon and then we can be home. I am ok with this delay as I would rather have it be in one day longer than have to be put back in or have us have to come back up here. She is doing amazingly well. You would never know to look at her that she had open heart surgery 5 days ago or that she has a chest tube in. Yesterday we visited the playroom in the reg peds deck where Desi spent 3 weeks 5 summers ago! There is much more activity there, more kids and many more drs. Zoe wanted to move down where the action is but thankfully we have stayed put in this nice quiet corner. We also visited the playdeck(roof top play area) and will be going there for a picnic lunch this noon. Yesterday there was an alarm and all the doors were shut. 6 firetrucks came to the hospital. Later they said it was a drill.?? Desi called to see if I had brought all my cards with me as he saw something he "had to have" .I am sure that was just an excuse to hear my voice!!! LOL.
I am very lucky that I am able to take this time off work and that my insurance will cover almost all expenses. There are many families in here not so fortunate and their kids are here mostly alone because the parents have to stay working.
Thanks to all of our friends for thinking of Zoe and praying. Thank you to God for putting our family together..
Peace and happiness Bonnie
We should be getting out soon ,especially since the weather is suppose to rainy the rest of the week.

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