Friday, June 26, 2009

still in surgery

Still in surgery
Posted 2 hours ago

we arrived actually on time this am ,the time 6:26, the date 6/26 on our parking ticket.. strange. Zoe,Tevin and myself followed the kites and butterflies to the basement intake. Zoe's surgeon came over and introduced himself,Dr Geogre Alfieris.He was very reassuring although I don't think Zoe was buying it. She was a little uncooperative,understandly so,then she had a whose tongue is the longest contest with the anesthesiologist and the happy juice kicked in. It was very reminiscent of big sis Kelli dentist visit...silly silly girls. We got Zoe changed into her lovely hospital pj's which were 2x her size.They came and carried her away,that was about 7:40.Tevin and I went to the cafe and there we saw Dr Alf... hmmm shouldn't he be with my girl. He said that she was just getting to sleep and things were good. I imagine that it would tell a bit of prep to do 3 IVs, a breathing tube and the other stuff. we havent heard anything yet.We took some pics of her before with her pink minnie mouse(gift from hosp yesterday).Zoe also brought along her Dr Bunny(dressed just like the dr's here,and of course her trusty white tiger. Hopefully things are going smoothly. It was hard seeing so many little ones going in for their procedures no matter what it was it is a scary time for them and their parents. Please keep them all in your prayers,especially the little boy born yesterday that he gains strength for his surgery ... I will update when we have some news ... thanks for your thoughts and prayers... Bonnie

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