Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kelli and Joe...get married...August 27,2011

Kelli and Joe who have been together since they were 16 and 17 finally nine years later made it legal.It was a beautiful ceremony outside in the bright sunshine on a glorious summer day. The entire family was in the wedding.Shari was matron of honor,Desmond and Tevin were groomsmen,and Zoe was a reluctant flower girl.The buffet was great and the toasts heartfelt and funny.It was a wonderful wedding and reception.Kelli has such a heart for detail.The setting a venue called Country Carousel Celebrations in Conesus,wow that's alot of C's.It had a huge tent that was lined with white and had Kelli's accent colors as details.There were twinkle lights all over the place,candles on the tables and instead of flowers the centerpieces were vases with live goldfish.It was an enchanted evening and a unique event.The venue had a fairy garden,a pond, a bridge,a boat dock and cozy sitting areas where guest could could enjoy some quiet.The dj played "She's playing Cinderella" and Kelli danced with her father.Folks were dancing all night.It was a great time certainly the best wedding I have ever been too.The wedding favor were candles with their names and wedding date.One of the best things is that everyone there really loves these two and are genuinely happy for them.Kelli and Joe went to VEGAS for their honeymoon and although I suggested they get married by Elvis I have yet to find out if they did.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

we are walking to raise awareness for Crohns

Crohn's disease has been a big part of our lives since Desi was diagnosed with it at age 7.For the past 10 years we have had some rough times.Desi spent 3 weeks at Strong in 2004 struggling to stabalize his systems,when eft he was taking 18 pills a day as well as a weekly trip to Strong for an methadextrate injection.These weekly trips continued until mid 2008 wh methadextrate injection.These weekly trips continued until mid 2008 wh we were able to go to 10 weeks between his remicade (8 hr IV treatment).Sadly Des has been relasping a bit so it is now every 7 wks treatment).Sadly Des has been relasping a bit so it is now every 7 wks. Your donation will help support local patient programs, as well as important research projects. This cause is very important to me and I appreciate your support of this event. There will be food, music and kid's activities. The more money we raise, the closer we will be to making life more manageable for patients ive with these diseases every day Please join me or donate to my efforts to support CCFA in finding a cureThis summer, we will be walking in the Take Steps for Crohn's & Colitis Walk. Take Steps is CCFA's national evening walk and celebration and the celebration and the nation's largest event dedicated to finding cures for digestive diseases. It is a casual 2-3 mile stroll to raise money for crucial research, bringing us closer to a future free from Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Over 1.4 million American adults and children are affected by these digestive diseases. While many suffer in silence, Take Steps brings together this community in a fun and energetic atmosphere, encouraging them to make noise and be heard. Thanks

Friday, May 7, 2010

catching up- St Patrick's day

Zoe seemed to really enjoy St paddys day.She was decked out in green and orange and we make shamrock tiaras for all the girls in her class.She also came home looking quite a bit Irish . I of course did my best to celebrate with green beer

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zoe starts kindergarten

Zoe and I rode the bus to school the day before to see her classroom and meet her teacher Mrs. Bennett. Zoe was happy to see that her friends Emily and Luke were also in the class.She also met Amanda the woman in charge of the before school daycare that Zoe will be going to on most days. Zoe has to get up at 5:30 with her brothers and then ride the bus with them as i am at work.The boys seem to be doing a great job finishing getting her ready. I do her hair the night before and have her clothes set out to make the morning as easy as possible. Zoe picked out her 1st day clothes and was super excited.I was able to be home that first morning to snap pictures as well as when they arrived back home in the afternoon. Zoe loved daycare,school and lunch.She really enjoys Mr Whalley the music teacher who actually was my music teacher and he does not even look a day older .The boys also seem to like school on the first day. Desmond is a JUNIOR (WOW)this year and Tevin a sophmore.Amazing how fast the years go by...

Zoe's Summer Vacation

Zoe and I had a great weekend at FCC's China Culture Camp at Keuka College the first weekend in August. We stayed in a dorm finally I thought i will sleep well in my own bed but nope we immediately pushed the beds together so I had the thrasher with me once again. Zoe seemed to have fun and was all excited about the get to know dance, showing me in the room all of her moves but then just sat there like a grump. Turns out Zoe likes to dance but does not like to be told how to dance. This seems to be a recurring theme with her lately. She made friends with a few of the kids and I talked to several moms hopefully next year we will be more social. Zoe learned about chinese communications.We really enjoyed our weekend away and look forward to next year.

Monday, July 27, 2009

feet and the beach

I missed the date for this one. My grandson Evan's baby feet

I LOve This photo. I know that it is old and not of great quality but it just captures the total summer day. I love the pop bottle in the foreground..

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teddy Bear parade

We rec'd a call at 10:15 am on sat from SURPRISE aunt Brenda. She apparently had arrived late the night before from Ann Arbor for her ahem...30 (30 years roc)th class reunion.She informed us that we should come down to the teddy bear parade which starts at 11 am. We get ready and Zoe grabs her newest bear , a pink teddy that Aunt Shell and Uncle Rick brought her while she was in sugery. NOTE: we have chosen her bear to take next year, it is 3" tall. We went to the parade start and could not find Aunt Brenda?? She was carrying the bus float. Not sure how that came about but we spent some time after the parade at the Park.