Friday, June 19, 2009

Zoe graduates from Preschool

Zoe graduated from preschool on June 10th. I was not able to be there as I was held over at work. there was a co worker that could have stayed but she would not(not for me!!) She also is the one to whom this conversation took place Sunday.CW#1(coworker)"good luck with Zoe surgery".. me "yes I am getting very nervous about it" CW#2(PITA~pain in the ***)" I don't know why you are getting so worked up about it, Its not like its your real child" Head snap... did she really just say that!!! me.."what do you mean?" PITA.."she's adopted its not the same as a "REAL"child",me " um excuse me, there is no difference in how I feel about all my kids, she is just as "REAL" to me as the other kids" PITA.. " I beg to differ, its not the same".... IDIOTS... sometimes you have to work with!! PITA also keeps telling everyone that I should not be able to get time off for Zoe's surgery and recovery because she is not my real child. Anyways back to the Good and away with the EVIL.

Here are some photos that big sister Kelli took of graduation.Kelli said that Zoe just stood with her head hanging down the whole ceremony.We met up later at APPLeB**s for a celebration lunch. Kelli has a blog for her dog Tibby
and post some cute pics of Zoe. Thanks Kel for being a great help to me with your little sister. Zoe is all set to start Kindergarten in the fall. She did excellent on her screening and should find out what lucky teacher she will have soon.
One week until we do all the post op details for her surgery. I found out Zoe's bloodtype is A+ she is a whole grade better than my B+ so I will not be able to donate for her surgery. Peace and happiness, finally a 2 day weekend WooHOO!!

*** click on the pic of zoe and tibby, check out how well Z is holding the leash...


Tamara said...

Sorry that you work with the PITA. The girls in my office hint at adopted children not being the same as bio children- but I have been quite vocal and they have backed up- and yes- they are idots and it helps that I am the manager.
Her pictures are beautiful!!!!
Good luck with surgery, I'm a nurse as well and it's harder when that consent form isn't just a bunch of medical mumbo jumbo. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family!

Checkers said...

I follow Tibby's blog - I came over to see about Zoe - I was terribly disturbed by this post. I am so sorry that you have such an A$$ around you. I am an adoptee. You are Zoe's mother and she is your child. This person is a total idiot. I blame much of it on media crap as when a celebrity has an adopted child they constantly refer to the child as "adopted". I am 58 years old and never, ever, not once has anyone in my family referred to me as their "adopted child", "adopted cousin" "adopted anything" - I'm sorry I'm rambling but that so ticked me off. Bless your heart - and Zoe's

Alison said...

Hi. Sprite's girl here - thinking bout your sister... your family is GORGEOUS!!!

Marian said...

I am so sorry that your coworker is so ignorant.... There is just no other way to describe that level of thought.

I will be keeping you all in our prayers on Friday. Just go into in knowing that everything will be OK. Zoe came along way to find her family and is not going to leave them this soon!