Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kelli and Joe...get married...August 27,2011

Kelli and Joe who have been together since they were 16 and 17 finally nine years later made it legal.It was a beautiful ceremony outside in the bright sunshine on a glorious summer day. The entire family was in the wedding.Shari was matron of honor,Desmond and Tevin were groomsmen,and Zoe was a reluctant flower girl.The buffet was great and the toasts heartfelt and funny.It was a wonderful wedding and reception.Kelli has such a heart for detail.The setting a venue called Country Carousel Celebrations in Conesus,wow that's alot of C's.It had a huge tent that was lined with white and had Kelli's accent colors as details.There were twinkle lights all over the place,candles on the tables and instead of flowers the centerpieces were vases with live goldfish.It was an enchanted evening and a unique event.The venue had a fairy garden,a pond, a bridge,a boat dock and cozy sitting areas where guest could could enjoy some quiet.The dj played "She's playing Cinderella" and Kelli danced with her father.Folks were dancing all night.It was a great time certainly the best wedding I have ever been too.The wedding favor were candles with their names and wedding date.One of the best things is that everyone there really loves these two and are genuinely happy for them.Kelli and Joe went to VEGAS for their honeymoon and although I suggested they get married by Elvis I have yet to find out if they did.

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