Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zoe starts kindergarten

Zoe and I rode the bus to school the day before to see her classroom and meet her teacher Mrs. Bennett. Zoe was happy to see that her friends Emily and Luke were also in the class.She also met Amanda the woman in charge of the before school daycare that Zoe will be going to on most days. Zoe has to get up at 5:30 with her brothers and then ride the bus with them as i am at work.The boys seem to be doing a great job finishing getting her ready. I do her hair the night before and have her clothes set out to make the morning as easy as possible. Zoe picked out her 1st day clothes and was super excited.I was able to be home that first morning to snap pictures as well as when they arrived back home in the afternoon. Zoe loved daycare,school and lunch.She really enjoys Mr Whalley the music teacher who actually was my music teacher and he does not even look a day older .The boys also seem to like school on the first day. Desmond is a JUNIOR (WOW)this year and Tevin a sophmore.Amazing how fast the years go by...

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