Saturday, November 8, 2008

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Zoe and I have been hanging out with her friend Emily and her mom Mei. Mei is from Beijing and when we are together people seem puzzled that Zoe is my daughter and Emily is Mei's. we attended the U of R 's Autumn Moon Festival(sept) and We also visited Stokoe farms one beautiful sunday(oct) to see the pumpkins. Zoe was not feeling well so we pulled over and she was carsick(too hot) and this pretty horse came over to say hi. We had all sorts of fun.. cool 2 story tube slides,a hamster wheel, a corn maze and a mini train. We also rode on a hayride to look at the pumpkins in the fields. afterwards we all went to eat at the BIG china buffet .
The girls are in preschool together as well as dance class. We went trick or treating with Emily and Mei. Zoe sure caught on fast. Zoe was a bumblebee and kept telling folks not to be afraid it was just pretend. It was a beautiful night. Desi stayed home but Tevin went as a boy and returned as a shaving cream teen.

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